9 ways to a zero waste lifestyle

Living a zero waste lifestyle can be a little difficult to transition into but here are some ways to help you start living a zero waste lifestyle. The first point to be noted is to follow the 3 R rule — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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3 min readOct 6, 2022

BYOB — Bring your own Bottle!

Wherever you go carry your own metal bottle for water instead of buying plastic water bottles everytime. This helps to reduce the plastic use in daily life and no plastic waste is produced.

Compost your leftovers

After having a meal when there are leftovers or any wet waste that is produced when you are cooking, you can use them in your home compost for your plants and reuse the kitchen waste instead of just throwing it into waste.

Use organic

Start using products that will help in reduction of plastic from your everyday essentials for example, bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic toothbrush, bamboo or coir loofahs instead of plastic threaded ones, and so on. In the market you will find many sustainable and eco brands to opt for to pave the way towards a sustainable lifestyle. Be it from food, clothing or personal care, using products of these sustainable producers will always help in your zero waste lifestyle

Durable products

When buying a certain plastic product, always ask first — Do I really need it? Do I have to buy it? And if you do, buy products which will have a long durability and buy the products in an alternative of plastic which help in being durable. For example, metal straws instead of plastic. By doing such you can save money, time and plastic waste is reduced.

Say ‘No’ to Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have become the bane when it comes to buying from vendors or stores. Instead you can reduce this plastic waste by a simple method — Carry your own ‘cloth’ bags! Always carry your own cloth or mesh bags for groceries, dairy products, essentials or any sorts of shopping for reducing plastic bags going to landfill.

Upcycled art

Whatever plastic things you have in your home, upcycle them to make decor items for your home or make artwork out of it for easy and zero cost upcycled art items for reusing, decorating and bonus — DIY!

Repurpose old fabric

You can reuse and re-stitch the used clothes into quilts or blankets for the winters. You can approach NGO’s or organisations who traditionally stitch them with hands and you can bring a smile on their faces too!

Donations are the way to go

Donate the things you don’t need the use for anymore instead of just throwing it away. Someone else might need something you would have. Help the ones in need by donating clothes, essential items, etc.

Rechargeable Batteries

If you use electronics with disposable batteries, try switching to rechargeable versions. Rechargeable batteries help you save money on packages of batteries and reduce the amount of plastic packaging and empty batteries that end up poisoning the ground in landfills.



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