Eco-friendly ways to celebrate Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is around the corner and we are already seeing decorations and the celebration vibes all around. As many other important days in the calendar Valentine’s day also marks an important spot. Valentine’s day is amongst the most celebrated moments around the world. This one day celebration where gifts and cards are exchanged can be an eco-nightmare with huge amount of waste generated. Greeting cards laminated in plastic and glitter are a very common gift which is exchanged on a large scale which not to mention are not recycled and dumped in landfills. Let’s not forget the excessive amount of throwaway gifts like stuffed animals, decorations made with plastic material and chocolate wrappers everywhere. Well all these have an impact on the environment and is sure a difficult situation with long term impact. But it doesn’t have to be this way, Valentines can be celebrated sustainably with love, love for your partner, friends, family and for earth. Keep the hype of celebration high, and the amount of waste generated afterwards low.

In today’s blog, explore some sustainable ideas for celebrating Valentine’s consciously.

  • Buy long lasting gifts, which are made locally. Go for greeting cards made of recycled paper. Or what makes your greeting card more special by making it by yourself, this way you get an opportunity to customize it as you want.
Handmade greeting card for valentine
Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash
  • Instead of giving flowers, give a plant instead. Ask your local florists which plants are locally grown and get those for your loved ones. Avoid buying flowers which are transported from far away which come along with a huge carbon footprint, ask in advance to the florists and nurseries to keep locally grown plants.
  • Skip bouquet as it’s a short time gift which has flowers which need refrigeration and these are covered with plastic and not to forget the glitter which sticks to the flowers making is unable for composting. Gift a live plant as a token of your love, and let the love grow.
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  • Zero waste gift wrapping- Get creative with gift wrapping, use newspapers, magazines or recycled paper and experiment with scarves or fabrics which can be used later on as well.
eco friendly gift wrap
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  • Decorations- Skip balloons, they are short-lived and end up in landfill. Go for eco-friendly supplies instead like handmade decorations made with colored papers or upcycled fabrics. Use eco-friendly candles for creating a good ambience.
Eco-friendly decoration for Valentines
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  • Go on an eco-date: Take your partner on an eco-date, do plantation, spend time in nature, go on a trek and reduce your carbon footprint whilst spending time with your loved one.
eco-friendly date
Photo by Vladyslava Andriyenko on Unsplash
  • Dine in with your loved ones and prepare a home made meal, eat in your backyard or in your balcony with some homemade decorations. Pandemic is still here, and dining out makes you more vulnerable to getting infected. Instead cook your favorite meal at home and have a healthy and great food.

Celebrating Valentine doesn’t have to come up with the burden and anxiety filled with guilt of adding more waste to the landfills. We hope our blog helps you decide to plan a green celebration for a sustainable and conscious valentine’s day. To sum up it’s all about rethinking your choices, refusing single-use plastic, reducing consumption, reusing everything you have, refurbishing and repairing your old stuff before replacing it, repurpose it and be creative and don’t forget to recycle the last option.

Contributed By- Ashlesha Karande, Communication Executive at Social Lab

Social Lab Environmental Solutions is a waste management company, which helps brands take-back and scientifically dispose of post-consumer plastic waste of their products. Brands take our services to fulfill Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligation under Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2018.

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We are a waste management company, which helps brands take-back and scientifically dispose of post-consumer plastic waste of their products.

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Social Lab

Social Lab

We are a waste management company, which helps brands take-back and scientifically dispose of post-consumer plastic waste of their products.

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