How does technology help in EPR In plastic waste management?

  1. This helps the manufacturers to understand EPR obligations and guidelines.
  2. Reduces the compliance burden for companies through online registration and filing of annual returns.
  3. Helps to increase information, communication.
  4. Increase recycling and lesser waste reaching landfills.
  1. Helps in building a sourcing network of municipalities, scrap dealers for actual collection of plastic waste.
  2. Helps in PCB(Pollution Control Board) authorized co-processor/ recyclers for disposing plastic waste scientifically.
  3. Recyclers and scrap dealers earn recognition in the larger market.
  4. Helps to create Awareness regarding the plastic waste and its management.
  1. Since this process requires a lot of paper work, online mechanism ensure all transactions and documentation to go online. Thus making greater speed as well as compliance.
  2. Provide real time tracking of waste.
  3. Ensure transparency.
  4. Also enables firms to obtain real-time information on the amount of their EPR objectives that have already been attained, the remaining amount, and the location of waste management.



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